“PFLAG has been very instrumental in supporting our family during a very difficult time as we navigated our son’s transitioning. It was a time of unknowns, uncertainties and loneliness. PFLAG was there for us and has helped us along the Journey. Our family is better because of PFLAG. Volunteering is our small way of giving back to an organization that has given our family a new lease on life. Our family is better, thanks to PFLAG!”

Morris and Claudette Green

“I was hesitant to join PFLAG, because I was afraid I would be surrounded by sad people who are struggling with their child’s sexuality, but they really do “meet you where you are at.” Some people are struggling and that’s fine, but our issues have been with a society that treats our child as less. We are so happy to be in community with others at PFLAG who want to do more to make society better for all our children.”

Lisa Dudzik


Whether you’re interested in tabling at community events, sharing your story, or supporting another family, we appreciate you!

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“I joined PFLAG back in 1998 when there was next to nothing on the internet and only a couple of books available to help parents. Very little was being talked about as to how a family could cope when their child came out. Going to PFLAG was so helpful for me, to see how very ordinary families like ours also had LGBTQ+ family members and were accepting and loving of them. It made me feel not so alone! The support I found at those PFLAG meetings gave me the courage to face the world proudly and cope with this new situation of having a child who was different. PFLAG also gave me the information I needed to understand what my child was going through so I could continue being a supportive parent.

It is now twenty years later. There is so much more knowledge available to parents, and society is much more accepting of LGBTQ+  young people; I still support PFLAG and its mission. Nothing can replace that one-on-one support from the heart that you get at PFLAG and the invaluable information parents and leaders share about the local community regarding schools and doctors, for example. I continue to come to PFLAG to give back, to support those parents just beginning their journeys, just as my PFLAG friends gave to me in 1998! I am also so very proud of how PFLAG has taken on a larger advocacy role now to educate and promote change in our society, locally and nationally. “

-Maggie Dickson

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